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Virtual Betting Games
Rental Proposal

Rental proposal for the Virtual Betting Games software encompasses:

In exchange for providing the above stated services,
Elbet shall receive a share of gross gaming revenue (GGR), as stated in below table:

Service Gross Gaming Revenue (EUR)Operator Share Elbet Share
up to € 100.000,- 85% 15%
Virtual Betting Games € 100.000,- to € 200.000,- 88% 12%
€ 200.000,- to € 400.000,- 90%10%
More than € 400.000,- 92% 8%

Gross gaming revenue (GGR) is calculated every calendar month, for the previous month, by using following formula: GGR = Money Wagered – Money Paid.

We do not charge setup fees, however a non-refundable deposit in amount of € 2000 is required prior to setup.


Contact us to recive a demo version f our software


Bul. Mihajla Pupina 165e, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia

+381 11 4141900